About onDemand Pro Services

About onDemand Pro Services

About onDemand Pro Services

For over 10 years, onDemand Pro Services has been providing reliable Residential and Commercial Cleaning services to our customers in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. For many years, we’ve been asked why not the Central Jersey area? It all comes down to Quality and Manageability.

If we’re not ready to offer the same quality of service our customers deserve and are used to, we rather not expand to a new area at all. But we’ve heard our Customers and the market itself loud and clear. We’re now proud to announce that the Central Jersey area will also start enjoying a superior Home and Office Cleaning Service with the same quality service we’ve been providing for years – all at a very reasonable rate and a 100% Customer Satisfaction Commitment.

A Prominent Company

When you deal with the professionals here at onDemand Pro Servicesus, you won’t be partnering with an unqualified or fly-by-night organization. We have more than 10 years of experience servicing properties of all kinds, and we’ll bring our knowledge and training to bear when tackling your service demands. Our personnel are properly equipped with all the tools and supplies required to get your spaces looking great.

By allowing us to work at your home or office, you can make your rooms neat, tidy, clean and well-organized. This will have an effect not just on the people who access your property every day but also on any guests whom you’re trying to impress. We’re available for a one-off or recurring service to keep your interiors spotless. It’s our goal to offer a variety of versatile cleaning packages so that our customers can choose the option that works best for them without being locked into any rigid arrangement.

Customized Service

We understand that every building has its own particular characteristics, and every client has his or her own preferences. That’s why we’ll tailor our service in order to better achieve your satisfaction. If you have any non-standard instructions that you’d like us to follow or areas that you want us to pay special attention to, simply inform us of them, and we’ll do our best to fulfill your criteria.

As a superior team of professionals, not only can our services contribute to the appearance of your property, but they also may have a major effect on your well-being.

Accumulations of dirt and unsanitary conditions can have a negative impact on your health, which is why it’s so vital to maintain well-kept interior areas. We’ll work hard to disinfect any parts of your premises that might otherwise serve as breeding grounds for bacteria and other unwholesome organisms.

For your Convenience

Although you might not exactly relish the idea of letting any third party into your home, the truth is that we can take a disagreeable chore off your hands while simultaneously increasing your leisure time. Particularly if you host parties or frequently entertain guests, the cleanliness of your residence might be something in which you’re keenly interested. Let us aid you in this department so that you’ll have no cause to become embarrassed or ruffled when in the company of your friends or other visitors.

We appreciate the fact that your active lifestyle probably places severe demands on your hours of availability, so we’re willing to come to your apartment at whatever times are most suitable for you. We’ll work efficiently and steadfastly to get the job completed without inconveniencing you any more than is strictly necessary. When you see the results of our dedicated workmanship, you’ll almost certainly agree that your investment in our services was a wise decision.

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Outstanding Customer Reviews

"Great experience with this company. From booking to service execution - a very smooth process and a personnel very easy to deal with. The team showed up right on time, which is very unusual for a cleaning service company, ..."

"Exceptional service! It's not always easy to find a solid and courteous cleaning service in Philadelphia. This service was for my mom and considering that I've been through some horror stories in the past, I'm always a bit nervous about hiring a new cleaning company. The attention to details was off the chart and the experience on booking the service until the service was actually completed was unlike any other ..."

"They have been servicing my home for over 8 years now and I couldn't be any happier. It's a weekly relief when they walk in to take care of the mess. It's highly recommended. I've never had better professionals"

Fully Committed to Quality and Customer Care

We are committed to an Unconditional 100% Customer Satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, we’ll redo the work FREE of charge.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee